National History

It was 1858 at Bethany College in what is now northern West Virginia. The Neotrophian Literary Society, an organization that allowed students to practice and demonstrate their skills in poetry, public speaking and writing essays, voted to give a prize. But the members of another  organization held control over the Neotrophian Society, and they fixed the vote.

Eight men were not content to be idle and let this continue. Angered by these unscrupulous tactics, they responded by forming a secret society at the college. Its initial goal was to wrestle control from the Neotrophian Society away from a group of unjust students and return it to the control of the student population, as well as to bond the student body through respect and common values. These men were drawn together by common aims and brotherly regard. They came to be known on the campus only by the Greek letters Delta Tau Delta. They founded an organization based on the principles of truth, courage, faith and power. These principles guided the Fraternity through its beginnings.

Since 1858, the Fraternity has spread to nearly 200 campuses, with more than 130 active chapters and colonies comprised of roughly 8,000 students. More than 165,000 men have joined the brotherhood of Delta Tau Delta since its founding.

Local History

  Beginning in 1970 the men of Sigma Nu Pi a local fraternity on the LaGrange College campus were seeking to charter in as a chapter of a national fraternity. After searching for different national fraternities to become apart of the men of Sigma Nu Pi requested to become a colony of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. After a thorough examination of the men applying to become a colony the Arch Chapter of Delta Tau Delta decided to skip colonization and grant a charter for the Zeta Beta Chapter at LaGrange College.

Since this unusual beginning the men of Zeta Beta have had a rich history for almost 45 years. From its beginnings in 1970 the men of Zeta Beta have on 6 different occasions have been awarded the Hugh Shields Award for Chapter Excellence, 12 different times been recognized as a Court of Honor Chapter, 6 times been recognized as First on Campus, and received numerous other awards including an Outstanding Brotherhood Award created for and given just to the men of Zeta Beta.